Guided Kayak Fishing


About Me

I have been fishing ever since I was able to hold a fishing rod in my hands I am sure, but since at least 4 or 5 years of age that I can prove with old photos.  Now, at age 34, there is very little time that goes by when I'm not thinking about the next chance to get on the water in constant pursuit of the next 'hook-up'.  Most people that know me, and those that spend just minutes talking to me about fishing, realize that the sport of kayak fishing has become an absolute passion of mine, and one that I am more than eager to share with others.

     While visiting the beautiful beaches of the Crystal Coast as a teen, an area I now proudly call home, I quickly developed a particular love for saltwater and inshore fishing.  In my career as a Project Manager for a large General Contractor, I have had various opportunities to travel and expand my fishing knowledge.  From the Space Coast of Florida, to the Florida Keys, to the Monongahela River in Pennsylvania, I took every opportunity to chase the local targeted species.

      I have an energetic personality with an extreme passion for all types of fishing.  Though I can't guarantee that a fish will be caught on every outing, I can say with utmost of confidence that you will enjoy your time out on the water, and that you may just find yourself 'reeled in' by the ever growing sport of kayak fishing.

Nathan "Nook" Raycroft

Professional Endorsed Native Watercraft Guide