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Posted by Nathan Raycroft on June 17, 2010 at 11:05 AM

My brother David and his wife Amy own and operate, a very successful photography business in Anderson, SC. They and their two daughters came to visit last weekend for some much deserved R&R, and while here, I took the opportunity to get them out in the kayaks for some early morning kayak fishing.

We put in at Queen’s Creek here in Swansboro, NC, and after a short lesson in paddle strokes, lure retrieve techniques, etc., we were off on the calmest waters I have seen since the IFA Tournament in Surf City, NC. Within the first 10 minutes, David hollered out that he had hooked and retrieved a flounder all the way to the kayak before losing him boatside. His short conversation about the loss and quick paddle stroke to the next grass bank let me know he was serious about his search for fish, and his opportunity at putting his first ever saltwater fish in the kayak.

We paddled along a grass bed that usually produces nice flounder and trout, but came up empty handed. When we turned the corner of the island, the flat behind it was boiling with fish movement, and what looked like (and proved later to be) large mullet. I stood up and poled around the flat looking for signs of redfish, knowing David was especially interested in hooking into one. While on the hunt, I turned around and saw David standing up in his kayak (my wife’s 12′ Manta Ray), and casting his lure out in front of him like he had done it a thousand times. As soon as the lure hit the water, he brought a quick twitch to the rod tip and the water literally exploded on his presentation! He set the hook and started reeling the fish in, all the while trying to keep his balance in the retrieve. While trying to sit he landed on the side of the kayak, tipping it enough to dump him in the 18″ of water we were poling around in, with legs flying, but hands tight on the task at hand. He stood up, quickly untangled the line from the paddle, pulled the Buff from his nose and mouth to breath the intended air versus water-soaked cotton, and continued reeling in the fish. I paddled to him quickly and just in time to see him land his first ever saltwater fish, from a kayak on his first trip! A nice 17″ flounder was the prize, and one well worth the fight!

We laughed about the events that took place to land the fish, and about how calm he was in the middle of the “storm”. I couldn’t have been more proud and more excited to be able to get him out on the water and for him to gain an appreciation for what kayak fishing is to me. This outing is one that I will not forget anytime soon, and one that I am very proud to launch as the first Blog update on my new site.

We may not have caught any redfish on this outing, but there is no question that it won’t be too long before the next kayak fishing trip with David and Amy takes place!

I hope you enjoy the above fishing post and pictures and thank you for visiting!


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