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O' Canada - My future kayak fishermen!

Posted by Nathan Raycroft on July 18, 2010 at 7:20 PM

This blog post is being written specifically for my children and to document their fishing experience while we were on vacation at the family Cottage in Ontario, Canada. My daughter Brooklyn and my son Reece enjoy fishing with me locally, but had an even better time fishing in Canada. Granted, these pictures were not taken during kayak fishing specifically, but are worth posting for sharing my excitement for my childrens fishing and ‘catching’ experience.


From the dock, Brooklyn and Reece rotated lures throughout the day, catching small largemouth and smallmouth bass right in front of the cottage. When the fish stopped ‘taking the bait’, they would change up lures from small crappie grub-type jigs to chartreuse colored jigs, to Berkley earthworms (similar to Gulp products). I would go kayak fishing early in the morning and return to find them both awake fairly early for them, and standing on the dock trying to catch the next ‘bigger’ bass.



On the pontoon boat, it was no different. They both would change between rods rigged with different lures, and if I caught a fish, they would ask to have the same lure put on their rod. Many times, immediately after the hook set, I would turn the rod over to them to finish fighting the fish while the other would grab the net to land them.



Reece and Wendy were fishing on the front of the boat while Brooklyn and I were on the back. I was watching Reece present his lure with a ‘reel, reel, twitch, reel, reel, twitch’ presentation as I showed him. I signaled Wendy for her to witness, and we smiled about how focused he was on what he was doing. Just then, I hear him holler ‘Dad, Ive got one’ and turn around to see him leaning back, with his rod bent from the pull from a very nice fish. The last picture below is the bass that Reece caught from cast, to retrieve, to hook-set, to landing him, all by himself! This sure was a proud moment for me as a dad who loves to fish, and one who hopes to continue spending time on the water with my family doing what I love. There is no doubt that he enjoys it as much as I and that Brooklyn is finding a special place in her heart for time on the water as well.



I am a big advocate for introducing others to fishing, and remember the people who introduced me to fishing. I remember the first big fish, and dream about the next one. I offer that taking a kid fishing, specifically when they are your own, will heighten the fishing experience, especially when they catch a fish and their face-of-focus becomes covered with a grin from ear to ear! Let this blog serve as a challenge, one to push my fellow fishermen/women to introduce their child, or a kid, or someone new to fishing, and if possible, to kayak fishing! You may be surprised who has the best time on the water, them, or you!



Take the Anglers Legacy Pledge at and pledge your commitment to introduce someone new to fishing this year!


To the readers, I hope you enjoy the above fishing post and pictures and thank you for visiting! Allow me an opportunity to share my passion for kayak fishing with you in my next trip here on the Crystal Coast!




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