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Poling the flats in our Native Ultimates!

Posted by Nathan Raycroft on August 28, 2010 at 4:35 PM

Kaleb and I met up in Beaufort at the water’s edge and launched around 6:00 a.m. yesterday morning specifically on the hunt for some nice redfish while poling around in our Native Ultimates. Kaleb brought his fly rod, and I was eager to watch him cast, hook-up and land a red on the fly. I have always thought about taking up fly fishing, and back years ago when I lived in Florida, used to say that would be the best tackle to take a redfish on.


Started off the day throwing a Zara Spook with several blow-ups on the lure, but no hook-ups.



Not 30 minutes into the day, Kaleb locked into a small bluefish (on top-water I believe), and later followed up with a small redfish. We both kept watching fish blow-up on our top-water baits, the majority looking like more bluefish, but a few that appeared to be some smaller reds.



We moved through the creeks on an incoming tide and poled through the grass in just 6”-8” of water in the search of redfish. I was working one shoreline and Kaleb was across the creek on the other. I saw him stop and stake-out, then grab his fly rod and make a couple of casts to a redfish that was holding up in the grass. In later conversation he informed me the fish had essentially belly-flopped onto his fly like a person trying to jump out of the water, and then never turned back for the fly. As I came out of a small separated pool of water and through the shoreline’s grass, Kaleb pointed out that there was just a large “blow-up” of a fish on bait 30-40 yards up the shoreline I was working. I continued slowly poling up the grass line and turned the corner to a nice cut that was pushing water into the creek I was in and over a large oyster bar and there it was…an obvious redfish-on-wake leaving me. I crouched down quickly and placed my paddle on the bow skirt of my Ultimate, picked up my rod and reel and pitched a jerk shad out in front of the leaving wake. Without so much as closing the bell I had to immediately set the hook as the line was leaving me and held on as the fish stripped yards of line off the reel, it screaming the whole time. Kaleb heard either the reel screaming or my “hollering” and started paddling my way. Just as he paddled up, I was able to land a very nice and healthy 24-3/4” redfish. After a couple of pictures, the fish was released to fight another day.



We continued on about 100 yards and saw a very large blue-tipped, flag-shaped tail of a redfish tailin’ in grass that wasn’t 6”-8” deep! Kaleb and I both stopped in our tracks, then re-situated to allow Kaleb a perfect fly-casting position with the wind at his back versus off the side. He staked out and made one precise cast, dropping the fly right in front of the redfish! The fish lunged out of the water at the fly and fell just short of it, leaving us both speechless, and hearts pounding as we started searching for the fish. About 30 minutes later, we saw another fish tailing and after a couple of casts by Kaleb, the fish left the scene without so much as even a thought about chasing the fly. This happened once or twice more through the day, with no successful hook-ups on the tailing reds.



By 1:00 p.m. the wind started to pick up and it was time to call it a day. Overall, you couldn’t have asked for better weather or scenery. It was a great time chasing redfish and watching them “tail” in the shallow grass. It has been at least a year since I have seen a redfish tailing and rooting like these appeared to be doing, and that sight alone made the whole trip worth while.


I hope you enjoy the above fishing post and pictures and thank you for visiting! Allow me an opportunity to share my passion for kayak fishing with you in my next trip here on the Crystal Coast!




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