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My folks and friends go kayak fishing!

Posted by Nathan Raycroft on October 10, 2010 at 9:35 PM

I had an opportunity to take my Mom and Dad and their friends Chris and Christy kayak fishing this weekend. Chris and Christy are fly fishing guides through my Uncle’s shop in Estes Park, Colorado, Scots Sporting Goods.


I borrowed my friend’s kayak for my Mom to pedal and loaded up my fleet of red and camouflaged Native Watercrafts and headed out towards North River.



We hit he water around 9:00 a.m. with a flood tide; one like I had not seen in the area before. I had told everyone to be looking for tailing redfish, and described the flag-like appearance they should be watching for. We hadn’t paddled 100’ from the launch and the first “flag” showed itself in the slick calm water with thin strips of grass in the backdrop. I pointed it out and led Chris and Christy to the area I spotted it and began the hunt. Within minutes and after several missed hook-sets by Chris, I was able to land the first redfish of the day, one at just 18”. I showed the fish to them and pointed out the spots and the beautiful blue tips of the tail, and then released the fish.



Mom and Dad were on the back bank by the launch and I kept looking back to check in on them. As we started to push through the creek to the front side of the main marsh island my Mom informed me that she had lost a huge fish. She proceeded to tell me that she had cast into the grass and the fish hit and began peeling line immediately! Once boat-side she didn’t know what to do (and I didn’t give her a net (sorry Mom)) and while holding the fish’s head above water, the line finally broke and the fish swam off. She held her arms out and explained the fish was “this big”. I must admit that I was somewhat doubtful at first. She offered that the local boater had stated the fish was over 30”, and probably 32”! I wiped her tears and pushed on in hopes that I could make it up to her throughout the day.



After a few more redfish and a nice 19” trout, I led the fleet to an area that occasionally produces nice fish.I told my Dad to pitch his line in and towards the oyster bed, being sure to retrieve it quick enough to not get snagged on the oysters and he hooked up! After a few minutes in the fight and being drug by the fish, he successfully landed this nice 21” redfish!



 Chris ended up catching a few nice flounder from this same spot, and with all but Christy having landed a nice fish, I continued the push through the backwater in hopes that we would find her something more pleasing to look at and hook into than the pesky lizard fish that invaded her kayak all day. After pushing deep into the creeks and more redfish, flounder and trout caught by Chris and I, we turned into a very narrow creek with Christy in the front and Chris behind me.



I was standing and poling through the creek when a large redfish darted from beside Christy’s kayak and headed past me straight towards Chris. This happened a second time and I offered that we should slow down, though we were moving slowly through the creek as it was. We were just about to reach the mouth of the creek when Christy says, “Hey look, a tail” and literally pitches her line free from the bell and just feet to her left. She immediately sets the hook and takes off out of the creek on a sleigh ride! After a long fight with many long screaming runs of the drag, we were able to net this beautiful 25-1/2” redfish! We held it for minutes admiring the large blue tail and many spots and without hesitation, released the fish for another day’s hunt.




As we made our way back to the launch I was poling across an open flat and saw a redfish kicking up mud in his run away from us. I followed it and finally had a chance to see it and pitch at it…IT WAS HUGE! I expect that this fish could have easily been the estimated 32” redfish that my Mom had caught earlier in the day, which just drove my regret for my Mom deeper in my chest. I couldn’t convince the fish to take the bait and just kept reminding myself that “big fish get big by being smart!”


We piled up the kayaks in the truck and headed for the house for an evening of hamburgers, redfish, trout, flounder and fried shrimp and with appetites filled, reminisced through the day’s catches and the beautiful weather.


I am always thankful for time on the water, and more so when I can share it with my immediate family members and friends.


To the readers, I hope you enjoy the above fishing post and pictures and thank you for visiting! Allow me an opportunity to share my passion for kayak fishing with you in my next trip here on the Crystal Coast!




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